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Background and course introduction

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What is dream home planning about?

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With the vision to transform our business development and project management experience on major ventures and projects into something simple and easy to use that will help people turning their dreams homes into reality, I started to write the book Plan Your Dream Home.

The idea then grew into a whole family of internet driven publications dealing with the planning and creation of a dream home through all its phases - from the dream to the living.

The dream home course has a strong element of project management in it and is designed to guide and help you to realise your dream home, irrespective of its size or position.

Having to define a dream home, I would venture that it is one which satisfies your most cherished aspiration, ambition and ideal about a home. By creating an affordable home that satisfies your real needs, I would imagine that this aspiration, ambition and ideal for a family home would be fulfilled. A dream home is certainly not the biggest, most expensive and extravagant house you can lay your hands on, most likely exceeding your budget and in an area where your family might not even feel comfortable.

Our aim with the dream home courses is to enfranchise you as a successful property owner and developer by following a very simple but professional project management approach as elaborated in our publications. By following the dream home course and related publications you are in fact benefiting from others' experience on major projects.

Creating a passion to plan effectively you are able to build dream homes at affordable prices. By applying simple property development and project management principles you have already mastered the art to do so.

We trust that you will find the dream home course of great value.

Turn your dream into reality

Nick Oosthuizen

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