Project Manager Responsibilities

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Project manager responsibilities, project activities and project planning

A memory note from Plan Your Dream Home


Having decided to acquire a home of your own, per say defines a project of which you are the ‘owner’ in terms of the usual building contract terminology and have automatically inherited certain project manager responsibilities.

To be able to manage the project you require someone to lead the designers and contractors through the stages that are necessary to complete the project in accordance with the various contracts. You can very well take on this function being defined as project management if you know what these stages involve and what your project manager responsibilities are. This is exactly what the book Plan Your Dream Home is about – methodically taking you and your family through all the stages of your dream home project, from conceptualization to occupation - from dream to living.

If I were you, I would employ myself as the project manager of our dream home project, and using the book as a guide through the required phases and activities of the project.

The normal responsibilities of a project manager in fulfilling the needs and requirements of the owner or employer through the various phases and activity stages of the project inter alia include the following:

  • Receiving an outline brief from the employer and appraising the employer’s needs and requirements;
  • Advising the employer on the need for consultants and making recommendations;
  • Negotiating and agreeing conditions of engagement with such selected consultants following the guidelines of the employer;
  • Receiving a final brief from the employer and analyzing his needs and requirements in detail;
  • Ensuring that statutory consents are in place or obtained as required;
  • Preparing programs for all pre-contract and post-contract activities;
  • Monitor progress and adjusting the program as necessary;
  • Establishing the required types of meetings, chairmanship, attendance and the issuing of agendas and minutes;
  • Obtaining advice for the employer as to various insurances and/or warranties and ensuring compliance by those required to attain such insurances;
  • Considering the contract types and the method of contractor selection along with the selected consultants;
  • Arranging short lists of tenderers, the tender opening and credit checks, coordinating adjudication reports on tenders and making recommendations to the employer;
  • Establishing a framework for monitoring and controlling processes with regards to technical and financial progress and regular reporting to the employer; and
  • Coordinating inspections and handovers, ensuring that commissioning of the building and services is properly undertaken and obtaining test certificates, as-built drawings, maintenance manuals and guarantees from the responsible parties.


You and your family as the owner of the project would be fully involved in and responsible for conceptualizing the project and then employing a consultant team to help you from defining the project onwards. For this purpose you may refer to the publication ‘Appoint Your Professional Team’ for more information regarding the project manager responsibilities.

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