Why Inframid?

Acquire long standing property investments
on a journey with Inframid and our guiding publications

Inframid was established during March 1996 as a family business providing services such as management support, consulting and property development. As the founders of Inframid, we have ever since been the sole proprietors of the business with an absolute passion to effectively manage large and small projects to primarily fulfill needs and create viable businesses, irrespective whether it would be for a client or for ourselves.

With our joint professional interior design, engineering, project management and business development backgrounds, we decided to combine our skills to not only plan and build our own property investments, but to also guide others to do the same.

Within Inframid we have a vision to transfer our knowledge base along with the expertise and experience of associated authors to people across the globe, building up long standing property and business investments of their own.

Our wish is to enfranchise you as a successful property owner and developer by following this very simple but professional project management approach as elaborated in these publications, and to assist you in benefiting from our experience in major national and international infrastructure and building projects, as well as from the experience and expertise of associated authors.

We treasure effective planning to fulfill a dream of building beautiful homes at affordable prices and achieve this by applying similar management principles through which various major development projects have been managed into profitable businesses.

We trust that you will find these publications of great value to turn your ideas into reality.

Kind regards.

Nick & Daleen Oosthuizen
Inframid (Pty) Ltd