Project Management Tools

Handy project management tools

Project Management Tools

This site covers various simple project management tools that were built up over many years. Some of these tools are free of charge and others do have a price to cover development and publication expenses.

Tools will be added to the selection as they are compiled for publication.


Home building quotation

A model quotation guide, ideal for owner builders, as required for financing.

Home building quotation guide
in pdf format at $5-60

Home building quotation example
in excel format at $3-60


Finishing schedule

A model schedule of finishes for your home building project.

Finishing schedules are normally required by banks as part of a building loan application. It is also a very handy communication tool between you and the architect to create full clarity of the finishes that will be designed into your home

Finishing schedule
in pdf format at $4-60


Contract management agreement

This is a model agreement for the appointment a contract manager to manage your home building contract. This contract enables you to appoint a person to do on-site supervision, appointment of sub-contractors and general site supervision, allowing you to act as owner builder without having to spend much time on site and concern yourself with detail site matters. It further puts you in a position to reap the benifits of price discounts on material and labour.

Ideal for building contractors and owner builders for the appointment of contract managers.

Contract management agreement
in pdf format at $6-60


Bank cost allocation chart

Provides cost allocations to the trades as usually applied in bank progress assessments.

Also very handy as a quick costing tool.

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for a
guide to the
bank cost allocation charts

Bank cost allocation chart example
in excel format at $2-60

Note: The majority publications are in pdf format and immediately downloadable from our website once you have completed the necessary transaction. To view the publications you will require the pdf viewer which is available free of charge from Adobe Systems.

All the others files are either in Microsoft Project or Excel format and also immediately downloadable.

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