Program Your Project

Time and cost scheduling of your home creation project - An easy step by step guide

Project Schedule for Houses

Program Your Project with Gantt Charts

A short step by step guide to plan the time and cost scheduling of your home creation project with some examples providing ideas regarding the detail activities of typical home buying and building projects.

This book is as referenced in the book Plan Your Dream Home. By using this guide, you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of a project manager of major development projects, to help you program your home buying or building project in fine detail.

Program Your Project in pdf format at $15-60

What to find in Program Your Project

To summarize - Program Your Project covers the following aspects:

1 Introduction

2 Steps involved

2.1 Statement of work (sow)

2.2 Work breakdown structure

2.3 Resource requirement structure

2.4 Time scheduling and project program

2.5 Budgeted cost and cost monitoring

3 Project scheduling

3.1 Start your project scheduling

3.1.1 Open your own project file from scratch

3.1.2 Using one of the examples as a basis

3.2 List the statement of work

3.3 Complete the work breakdown structure

3.4 Time scheduling and dependencies

3.5 Complete the resource allocations

3.6 Cost scheduling

3.7 Earned value reports

4 Project examples

Program Your Project
at $15-60 in pdf format

Example project programs

It also provides pdf copies of the following typical and comprehensive project programs:

Annex A Home buying project program

Annex B Double storey brick and mortar building project program

Annex C Single storey brick and mortar project program

Do not miss this opportunity to empower yourself with the knowledge to plan and build a home that will not only serve as your best investment, but will also create lifelong memories – forever…

Program Your Project
at $15-60 in pdf format

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